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  Life Behind Bars ‘Extremely Traumatic’ For League Of Legends Player

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PostSubject: Life Behind Bars ‘Extremely Traumatic’ For League Of Legends Player   Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:06 am

It's a quite sad and very worrying story here.

All explained there, a League of Legends player made a rather idiotic comment on Facebook about something which was clearly a joke.

I could take this time to remind you that since I'm the founder of this forum and without my work we wouldn't have 100000+ messages or be where we are, so I'm entitled to say whatever the fuck I like on here, but that would be counterproductive, and I wouldn't need to do that, as we have a great community here, and I don't think anyone here would betray me in that kind of way. Our strength is in our teamwork. I promise you, I'll always be the highest authority on any punishments here, don't worry, and I'll never do anything serious to you unless I think you've done something really bad. Hell, you've probably seen me deal with people spamming threads - the most serious consequence you may face is an empty reprimand! I don't have a problem with spamming to increase post count, since it aligns with my goals for the forum (which happens to be the highest total message count possible). If, however, I caught you sending hate messages, racial harassment or any other type of bullying you'd get a much more serious punishment - you'd count yourself lucky if I gave you a warning, if I didn't ban you on the spot.

What I'm trying to say is, it's always very important to be careful what you say on the net. ESPECIALLY on Facebook. It's full of people waiting to report, block, and unfriend you if you give them the slightest excuse. Hell, I've had people defriend me just because I posted an album up on Facebook! It's a very dangerous place, and you need to be very careful in how you interact with it. I've been hearing gossip that a lady on here reported him. In my humble opinion, she's the real threat on Facebook, rather than him. Or it could be a dude, I don't know who reported him, but they're the real threat out there on Facebook, not this kid.

EDIT: Just found out that this was released on July 2013. Sorry, I'm a little late to the party
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Life Behind Bars ‘Extremely Traumatic’ For League Of Legends Player
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