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 Teen Suicide: Site 'Does Not Condone Bullying'

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PostSubject: Teen Suicide: Site 'Does Not Condone Bullying'   Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:49 am

What absolute bullshit.

They could EASILY have done something about it if they could just be bothered. This is probably what GeneralMLD would have said had he found out about the shitty way the XBOX 360 Republic was treating Kendo and myself. Same empty, pathetic excuses when he could have done so much to prevent it, or even find out about it.

You want to know how you can keep a site free of bullying? The way we do it, for instance? We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying. Most- hell I think all- of the mods have been bullied sometime in their past. I definitely have been bullied in my past, and have at times found myself in a similar situation to this poor girl. Most forums have pussies for moderators who I think barely have an idea of what bullying is- or are probably bullies themselves. I think that's why we don't have any bullying or drama here. That's also why TSC had similarly little bullying or drama. I-whilst I was a mod there- kept a vigil, just as I'm doing now.

I've even carefully selected the moderation team for this. Ever wonder out of the-what-six or seven people in the staff team, only two of us have licenses? Done on purpose, so that no car fan who ever comes here will be bullied over not having a license. And also that anyone can make it to the moderation team, if you have the ability to moderate.

So I think their apology- or however "sorry" they are- is absolute bullshit. I doubt they're actually even sorry about it- I wouldn't be surprised if they were just paying lip service because the event got so much publicity
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Teen Suicide: Site 'Does Not Condone Bullying'
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