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 Knowledge of the future

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PostSubject: Knowledge of the future   Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:20 am

To know what will happen in the future....

To know what is to come.....

It eats away at you. I know what is to come, and yet I cannot tell anyone. I have seen with my own eyes what will one day come to pass, know when it will happen.. It will not happen when you think it will... although even that I slightly doubt....

The young will succeed the elderly, yet varied shall they be. Ancient Guardians that have been on this earth since before the dawn of time must be succeeded. You are taking for granted things shall always be as they are today.

That is not so! Things are about to change. And I am the only one who knows roughly when the change will come, how it will occur.

The end is coming... soon. But it will not be an end so much as it will be a beginning, a flowering of life of forms more varied than we thought imaginable, some beings barely changing, others altered beyond recognition.

And don't think I've posted this is in the wrong topic. I am the owner of this site- I NEVER post news articles in the wrong topic
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PostSubject: Re: Knowledge of the future   Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:58 am


I KNEW you were posting it because you've seen JLR cars which will be released in 5-10 years time lol
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Knowledge of the future
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